We will remember them.


On 11 November each year at the eleventh hour, a minute’s silence is traditionally observed to remember those who have died or suffered in wars and conflicts. Sunday 11 November 2012 commemorates the 94th anniversary of Remembrance Day.

All this week students have been learning about Remembrance. They spent some time using their iPods to research someone who fought in a War. This hero could be someone they know or someone they have found on the internet. They will write that persons name and some information about that special person on a poppy ready to remember them at the Remembrance service at school tomorrow morning.

Plant Your Poppy!
Plant Your Poppy is an interactive online commemorative tool which allows you to reflect on Remembrance Day by planting a poppy in a virtual poppy garden. Follow this link to plant your poppy. (http://www.plantyourpoppy.org/)


2 Responses to “We will remember them.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We liked how you discrebed Remembrance day.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. selina Says:

    We’re Selina and Chiara from 5/6ML and we made our own paper poppy feild .If you go on our blog you can see our poppy feild and the posters we made. Go on to our blog http://56ml.global2.vic.edu.au/.

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