Quad Blogging


Our Blog has been chosen to be the lead on “Quad Blogging Week” which
will run during tutor time.

There are 142 “quads”, we are in quad 36 with 3 other schools. Each week
each one of the four schools will be the focus for the other three
schools to visit their blog and leave comments. The next week another
school in the quad will take the focus role and so on until one cycle is
finished. What this means is that our blog will receive a larger,
worldwide audience and our students will have an insight into what goes
on at other schools around the world. Our blog will be the focus blog in
4 weeks time. Below are the schools in our quad:

– Collegiate High School (UK)
– Gorsey Bank Primary School (UK)
– Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School (UK)
– St Michael’s Grammar School (Australia)



One Response to “Quad Blogging”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi i’m from Gorsey bank primary in the uk i really like Quadblogging and seeing other peoples blogs. Please post on gorsey6sb.net because we would really like to read your comments in class.

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