Rich Task – Blackpool Over Time


The Rich Task for this week is to create a timeline called “Blackpool Over Time”. Students will have to work in teams to research and produce a timeline in chronological order about the different events and attractions that are in Blackpool.

As a team they must choose which events they feel are important enough to feature on their timeline; decide if the sources of information are reliable and pick they way they feel is best to create their timeline.  It could be paper based, computer based or a mixture of the two.

All timelines will be shown to the rest of the class in a short presentation on Friday.

All the work they are doing is towards their “Well-Being in the Community” unit. The end result being a presentation that parents and special guests will be invited to watch at the CLC on the 11th December 2012. More information about this will be sent out nearer the time.


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